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We at Precision Insurance Marketing help you move forward in the insurance market by providing you with appropriate business solutions and introduce you to the skilled people of the market who help you on your journey of success.
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Our mission is to make our agents as the "go-to" advisor for senior life and health insurance in their community. We provide appropriate insurance business solutions which are designed to meet our advisors’ objectives. We provide innovative prospecting solutions, superior industry product knowledge, skilled training & customer support that other organizations fail to provide.

Bringing Agents and Companies Together


Health, Dental, Vision

We, at Precision Insurance, offer contracts through various branded companies, such as Christian Medishare, Aliera Heath and much more, which can make you feel secure in this uncertain world.

Medicare Plans

We provide you a platform to get involved in this upcoming marketplace. We offer you 1000 free mailers a month to help you capitalize on this opportunity.

Life Insurance, Final Exspence, Annuities

We offer business coaching, high commissions, lead services, a free website and much more! We also offer services from the top-notch annuity companies
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The question surely arises that with the presence of a large number of competitors in the market, why would you choose us? There are definitely important reasons that make us different from others in the market. We ensure that you enjoy the following advantages: 

  1. Quality Service
  2. Professional Agents
  3. True Partnership
  4. Affordable Solution


Your company will enjoy the following benefits by partening with us.

  1. Enhance Your Brand
    We will help enhance your brand and give you an exceptional identity in the market
  2. Business Planning
    We go with a strategic planning according to aims and goals of your business
  3. Increased Conversion Potential
    We can help you attract the audience and convert to customers
  4. Financial Success
    We implement the best strategies to ensure the financial success of your business
  5. Better Customer Relationships
    Your business will be able to build trust resulting in better relationship with the customers
  6. Peace of Mind
    With us as your partners, you can keep all worries off your mind and be peaceful
  1. Before working with Precision Insurance Marketing, the largest life insurance case I wrote in my 10-year career was about $15,000 of premium. It was a pretty great case but we all crave more. I heard about them and just to try them of, I decided to partner with them. In 9 months of partnering with their mentorship program, I have written 7 cases over $15,000 in premium with the largest over $75,000! A profit this big is nothing but a blessing for me. I thank God for them every day of my life!
    Mike Gillum
  2. I’ve been dealing with insurance since the moment I stepped into the real world. It has been a family business for ages and in like 4-5 generations, no one has seen more money than me just because I decided to partner with Precision Insurance Marketing. It only took 14 months to make me a millionaire. I get cases over $100,000 now and it’s all because of the planning I went through by the help of this great company! It’s a sure thing.
    Walter Leonard
  3. I am a CEO of a well-formed institution working for over 10 years. About a year back I heard about Precision Marketing Insurance, at that time our company was not doing so well in making profit so we decided to give these people a go. Trust me when I say this, it was the best decision we ever made. Their Annuity plan helped us go through the turmoil we had and in less than a year, we made the biggest profit ever. I’m never going to stop taking these services. They’re doing a great job!
    Paul Christian

What Happy Agents are Saying

We can sit here and talk about how we offer the best services and how awesome we are, right? To make you feel like we do what we say, here are some of the insights of some people who took our services. Let’s see how happy they are!


Radio Prospecting
CPA Alliance Program
Maximize Retirement Seminar
Free and Low Cost Mailers
Financial Fraud Client Duplication
Live Transferred Leads
No-Risk Seminar Marketing
First Annuity Scrubbed Leads
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The first rule of business is to plan, the second rule is to invest and the rest becomes history.

- A. Khan

The free market is a tricky thing, people who don’t do things in time may not end up with the top-most benefits of the market.