About Us

Who We Are
We are Precision Insurance Marketing and we are here to help you move forward in this world. How do we do that? It’s simple. We provide you a platform to get in touch with some of the greatest service providers and marketers of this world. We offer you services like they are our own! Nothing more delightful than someone making you feel like home, right? Well, we do that for you. We take your worries and make them our worries to provide you with the best deal of the market. Join us for a bright future.
What is Our Mission
Our mission at Precision Insurance Marketing is to provide an appropriate result-oriented and value-based insurance business solutions which are designed to meet our advisors’ objectives. We want our partners to touch the heights of success with the help of best marketing strategies. How do we achieve this? Well, we do it by implementing beneficial marketing strategies and by providing innovative insurance solutions, superior industry product knowledge, skilled training and customer service and support that has no equal. We seek to partner and maintain a good long-term relationship with each of our client.
What Our Clients Say About Us
Walter Leonard
Mike Gillum
Paul Christian
I’ve been dealing with insurance since the moment I stepped into the real world. It has been a family business for ages and in like 4-5 generations, no one has seen more money than me just because I decided to partner with Precision Insurance Marketing. It only took 14 months to make me a millionaire. I get cases over $100,000 now and it’s all because of the planning I went through by the help of this great company! It’s a sure thing.
Before working with Precision Insurance Marketing, the largest life insurance case I wrote in my 10-year career was about $15,000 of premium. It was a pretty great case but we all crave more. I heard about them and just to try them of, I decided to partner with them. In 9 months of partnering with their mentorship program, I have written 7 cases over $15,000 in premium with the largest over $75,000! A profit this big is nothing but a blessing for me. I thank God for them every day of my life!
I am a CEO of a well-formed institution working for over 10 years. About a year back I heard about Precision Marketing Insurance, at that time our company was not doing so well in making profit so we decided to give these people a go. Trust me when I say this, it was the best decision we ever made. Their Annuity plan helped us go through the turmoil we had and in less than a year, we made the biggest profit ever. I’m never going to stop taking these services. They’re doing a great job!