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Market grows every day. Sometimes, in a positive manner but sometimes in a negative too. In such an ever-changing marketplace, how would one feel secure? Isn’t it great if one has a partner that can offer unique health insurance solutions? Well, it certainly sounds great, doesn’t it?
We, at Precision Insurance, offer contracts through various branded companies, such as Christian Medishare, Aliera Heath and much more, which can make you feel secure in this uncertain world.

For thousands of years, Christians have come together to care for each other and carry each other’s burdens. In 1993, a formalized approach to sharing healthcare burdens began with the Medi-Share program. Today, more than 23 years later, the Medi-Share program now serves more than 200,000 members, with more than $1.5 billion dollars in medical bills shared and discounted since inception
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From everyday preventative care to catastrophic events, Aliera healthcare coverage plans provide you and your family the peace of mind needed. 

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